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Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations offer a soulful way of illuminating pressing personal, professional and organisational issues. This site simply offers a number of links to constellation practitioners in the UK and associations across the world, as well as the originator of this way of working.

Coaching Constellations

Coaching Constellations is a training company designed to support the application of systemic constellations in coaching for individuals, leaders and teams. On the site you will find trainings at every level as well as information designed to support your journey into systemic coaching with constellations, in service of organisational health and vitality.

Business Constellations

Our workshops offer executives, leaders, owners and teams the opportunity to bring their challenging issues into a constellation workshop environment. Each workshop offers fresh insight and information into the hidden dynamics that sustain and limit leadership and organisational systems, leaving leaders with energy, clarity and system level authority.

 Life Love Leadership

Constellation Workshops provide an opportunity to explore and illuminate the dynamics behind personal difficulties in a fresh way. A constellation creates a kind of living map of a personal, family or other relational issue and provides a new perspective on complex, enduring or apparently intractable challenges. Articles and workshops with John Whittington.

Systemic Coaching & Constellations

An introduction to the principles, practices and application

Since first publication in 2012 ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ has regularly been listed in the top 20 coaching books worldwide and become required reading on a number of international Coaching Post-Graduate courses. It provides a deep resource for those who train in this methodology or as a stand-alone read. The 3rd edition with many clarifications and substantial new material was published in the summer of 2020.

A selection of International Connections

The International Systemic Constellations Organisation

Systemic constellations include family constellations, organizational constellations and structural constellations. This work emerged out of psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, systems theory and phenomenology. Bert Hellinger was pivotal in bringing these strands together in the development of this technique.

The International Forum for Systemic Constellations in Organisations

infosyon is the interdisciplinary international association for qualified deployment of system constellations in organisations. We support and bring together people who work with passion using system constellations in professional and delicate contexts for key questions in organisations.

The European Association on Systemic Consultancy

The European Association on Systemic Consultancy (EURASYC) was created as an initiative for gathering the large amount of professionals practicing Systemic Consultancy, Organisational Constellations, and Systemic Coaching. We currently cover 22 countries worldwide across four continents.

Disclaimer. This site is offered as a gateway into this way of working only. No guarantees are given as to its completeness or for any of the practitioners with whom you choose to work.

Bert Hellinger

1925 – 2019

The originator of systemic constellations.
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